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Conservation Commission

Warner Town Hall Building
Address:5 East Main Street
PO Box 265
Warner NH 03278
Hours:By Appointment

The Conservation Commission is concerned with the proper utilization and protection of the Town.s natural resources, both land and water. The Commission administers a conservation fund which it uses to acquire conservation easements from willing landowners to protect parcels with exceptional natural qualities. The Commission advises other Town boards on resource management issues. It also undertakes studies from time to time, and conducts public information activities.

The Conservation Committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month at the Warner Town Hall, Lower Meeting Room. See notices posted at Town Hall for exact times and location. Click here for Conservation Commission Meeting minutes.

Conservation Commission Documents:

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Chandler Reservation
 Hiking Trails Information
 Hiking Trails Map
 Management Plan
 Timber Inventory
Conservation Commission Reports
 Conservation Plan (2010)
 Easement Expenditures (2016)
 Evaluation of wetlands in the Frazier Brook Watershed (2010)
 Mink Hills Plan (2004)
 Natural Resource Inventory (2009)
 Protected Lands Map (2012)
 Willow Brook NRI & CP (1991)

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