Town of Warner
Town Ordinance 95-3
Residential/Business Street Numbering Ordinance

PREAMBLE: Acting upon the authority granted by applicable chapters of the Revised Statutes annotated of New Hampshire, the Town of Warner Board of Selectmen, hereinafter referred to as the Board, adopt the following ordinance establishing a procedure for administration and enforcement of uniform addressing system for residential, multi-family and commercial structures within the Town of Warner.

PURPOSE: The standards set forth in this ordinance are made for the purpose of promoting the public health, safety and general welfare by converting from rural-style address system to city-style address system for identification of residential, multi-family and commercial structures within the Town.


  1. To provide a means for expedient emergency response by fire, police, rescue and other emergency services.
  2. To establish a property location that wi11 serve as mail delivery address and/or Emergency 911 locator.
  3. To assist in the proper delivery of utility and other delivery services.
  4. To provide property owners and the Town with a convenient, accurate and systematic means of identifying property.


The Board, shall, under the provision of RSA 231:133-a, assign all residential, multi-family and commercial buildings existing as of the time of adopting this Ordinance, a primary structure number and, in addition, shall assign to vacant properties, numbers to be held in reserve for future use. Streets built subsequent to the adoption of this ordinance will be assigned numbers by the Board at the time of approval.

Note: A uniform street numbering system 1las been developed for all Town of Warner primary buildings based upon the following process.

For purposes of establishing street numbers, a street shall be considered any access way, whether public or private, which services two or more primary buildings or vacant lots.

As much as possible the starting point is the end of street nearest the center of town or the beginning of a street if dead end.

All primary buildings on the left side of the street beginning at its starting point have odd numbers with some exceptions.

All primary buildings on the right side of the street beginning at its starting point have even numbers with some exceptions.

One number has been assigned to each twenty-five (25) foot interval of frontage on the street as measured from the starting point of each street.

Primary structure numbers are assigned by determining the point at which the main vehicular access is to the primary buildings. If there is no vehicular access then the main pedestrian access point is used.

ADMINISTRATION AND ENFORCEMENT: The Board of Selectmen are the administrators of this ordinance and are responsible for establishing the use of reserve numbers and enforce the provisions herein. Owners of residential, multi-faintly and commercial structures built or expanded subsequent to this ordinance shall procure their number assignment from the Board. Number assignment is required prior to the issuance of a BUILDING PERMIT and shall be displayed during construction.


Parties affected. All structures, residential, multi-family, and commercial are required to display the assigned street number in the manner described in this ordinance.

Visibility. Street numbers shall be displayed so as to be conspicuously visible on the street from both directions.

Number type. All numbers shall be displayed in Arabic form (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Number location.

Structures visible from the street. Where the structure is visible from the road and at such a distance that numbers are legible from the road, tile numbers shall be affixed to the structure. Numbers shall be a minimum of three (3) inches high and may be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

Structures not visible from the street. Where a structure is not visible from the street or is otherwise situated to make number display on the building ineffective, the number shall be displayed at the access entrance. Numbers may be combined with property or business identification signs. Where signs are perpendicular to the street, numbers shall be displayed on both sides of the sign. Numbers shall be a minimum of three (3) inches high and may be mounted wither horizontally or vertically.

Mailboxes. Numbers of a minimum of one (1) inch in height shall be affixed to both sides of the mailbox serving the primary structure. When the mailbox is clustered with other mailboxes or is across the street from the primary structure, the numbers will be placed on the front of the mailbox. IE there could be confusion as to the primary structure access by using numbers on the mailbox than prudence would dictate placing the numbers on a post at the primary structure access point on the street. (Consider emergency services trying to locate your primary structure in adverse weather conditions and darkness--It may be your life or the structure they are attempting to save!!!!!)

Unauthorized Building Numbers Prohibited. No person shall affix or allow to remain upon any building in the Town of Warner any different number from the one designated by this Ordinance, with the exception of dates affixed for historical purpose.

Penalty. The owner of any structure existing as of the penalty date (June 28, 1995) who fails to procure and affix primary structure numbers as assigned by the Board or displays unauthorized numbers shall be subject to a fine of not more than twenty-five ($25) dollars for each day of non-compliance. Fines shall begin to accrue upon the issuance of a written Notice of Violation to the owner, and end at such time as the violation ceases.

Appeals. Any person aggrieved by this Ordinance shall have the right to file a written petition within twenty (20) days of the receipt of number assignment. Petitions shall be filed with the Board and a hearing shall be held within thirty (30) days of the receipt of such petition.

Effective date. This ordinance will take effect of March 30, 1995.

Amendments. This ordinance may be amended as provided under applicable chapters of the Revised Statutes Annotated of New Hampshire.