Economic Development Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda


Date: November 18th, 2020
Place: Zoom platform only  
Time:  6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Roll Call and Approval of previous minutes.

When: November 18 at 6PM
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 830 4585 9158
Passcode: 1234

Dial by phone: +1 646 876 9923

If unable to access the meeting  please call 603-456-3070 for assistance.

1.  Invited guest - David Bates
To discuss two proposals for zoning changes that would support affordable workforce

1. Allow residential uses by right (rather than special exception where it has to undergo
     review and approval by the planning board) in the C-1 and Intervale districts.

2. Allow detached accessory-dwelling units (guest cottages essentially) in all residential

2.  Mural: Status - Charlie/Bret/Emma        
a. Judges review process and time-line 
b. Fund raising/donations.
3.  Food Security - Neil/Bret/Sarah (New subcommittee)

4. Warner Community Center - Possible uses - Charlie, Ken, Jonathan, Will
Expand the working committee to research the Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA)
     and the USDA for grant funding.

A.  Letter to Select-board (see attached)
	1.  Second walk through of WCC
2.  Building Inspection
3.  Architect/space design/maximize use

B.  The Space on Main, Inc ("A facilitator of community connections") - Discussion

Multi-purpose classroom     Lounge
Conference room             Gallery 
Office                      Makerspace
Co-working space            On-line network
Local partner               Wellness space

Possible uses: (From last discussion in October)
Day Care. 
Youth activities.
Remote Learning (Hot spot for students learning from home).
Remote Working Space - Will
Business incubators.

5.  Exit 9 developments - Update - Ben Frost

6.  Interstate signage: Update Jonathan

7.  Volkswagen Trust Charging Stations (DES Tim White)
In another effort to bring visitors to Town, and provide a benefit to Warner residents,
     locate charging stations in NH communities. - Charlie

8.   Discussion and review of the Michel Bergeron presentation from the NH Department of
     Business and Economic Affairs.  On hold - Charlie 

Suggestions from Michael and the report:

A: Upgrade website - Instagram posts, better pictures, tell a story etc: Emma/Krystin)
B. Signage to Main Street (Jonathan)
C. Warner Power - work with new realtor  
E. Short and long term achievable/revised goals and objectives
F. Create Economic Revitalization Zone

9.  Mountain Biking in Warner - On Hold Subcommittee Mark, Bret, Charlie, Nancy, Jason
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