Listed below are various Departments and Committees of the Town of Warner Government along with a brief description of their responsibilities. Beside each title is listed one of the following indicators and their meaning. (E: Elected A: Appointed)

Board of Selectmen (E)

The Board of Selectmen are elected to "manage the prudential affairs" of the Town. "Prudential affairs" means the same thing as filling in the details, thus the Selectmen are the Executive, Managerial and Administrative body that does what is necessary to carry out the votes of the towns people enacted at Town Meeting.

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Town Clerk (E)

The Town Clerk is the Official recorder of the Town and is the Keeper of the Town's records. Records include births, marriages, deaths, dog licenses and auto registrations. The Town Clerk also performs administrative tasks dealing with elections including voter registrations and ballots.

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Town Treasurer (E)

The Town Treasurer is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all funds provided to the town from Federal, State and local sources and the proper accounting of the same.

Tax Collector (E)

The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing and collection of property taxes and the collection of other taxes due the Town based on warrants provided by the Selectmen. The Tax Collector also computes interest charges on delinquent taxes and places liens on property for non-payment of taxes.

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Budget Committee (E)

The Budget Committee reviews the proposed budget for the Town as submitted by the Selectmen and various departments. The result is a recommended budget presented to the public at the Public Budget meeting. Incorporating any changes as the result of the Public Budget Meeting, the budget is then presented to the voters at Town Meeting.

Chandler Reservation Committee (E)

The Chandler Reservation Committee is an elected committee that oversees the management of the Reservation. Management activities include forestry, recreation and wildlife. A trail system has been developed which offers great hiking opportunities. A self-guided woods-walk trail has 19 "stations" showing points of interest. Additional information can be found on the Chandler Reservation page.

Conservation Commission (A)

The Conservation Commission is concerned with the proper utilization and protection of the Town.s natural resources, both land and water. The Commission administers a conservation fund which it uses to acquire conservation easements from willing landowners to protect parcels with exceptional natural qualities. The Commission advises other Town boards on resource management issues. It also undertakes studies from time to time, and conducts public information activities.

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Economic Development Advisory Committee (A)

The goal of the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) is to plan and implement sustainable economic development. That includes but is not limited to supporting existing businesses and non-profits as well as encourages new businesses development. The EDAC will encourage economic growth that serves local needs, is environmentally responsible, fits aesthetically with the town’s historic architecture, and provides a net increase in municipal revenue.

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Energy/Solar Committee (A)

The mission of the Warner Energy Committee is to recommend local steps to save energy and reduce emissions to the Board of Selectmen. This will include measures which encourage and empower our citizens and community to move toward greater energy conservation, security, sustainability, and more responsible energy usage. The Committee advocates protecting the natural local and global environment, by supporting the responsible development of a civic and business environment which fosters and attracts green businesses and jobs, promoting local sources of renewable energy, and proposing solutions to benefit citizens that reduce energy costs and environmental impacts.

Fire Department (Silver Lake Hose Co. No. 1)

Originally founded in 1830 as Silver Lake Hose Co. No. 1, the Warner Fire Department has been in continuous operation for the past 180 years. (More History) Currently classified as a "call" department, where members are paid for the time spent responding to calls, the Warner Fire Department was originally volunteer and maintains all the best aspects of those roots today, with hundreds of "volunteer" hours spent each year in training and maintaining the station and equipment.

With a roster of thirty-three (33) officers and firefighters and nine (9) Emergency Medical Technician.s, the department responds to approximately 300 calls per year. Well equipped, with two Engines (Pumpers), three Tanker Trucks, carrying 4350 gallons of water on wheels, a Heavy-Rescue and an all-wheel drive Brush Truck, the department proudly maintains its 170-year heritage.

Outside burning permits are required for any outside burning unless the ground is completely covered with snow. The NH Department of Environmental Services also prohibits the open burning of household waste. Burning permits are available from the Forest Fire Warden or several of the Deputy Wardens listed on the Town Officials document.

The Warner Firefighters Association, Inc., formed in 1986, was chartered to protect and preserve the history and memorabilia of our organization. For more information you may contact them at P.O. Box 64. Warner, NH 03278 or leave a voice message on 603-456-2222.

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Joint Loss Management Committee / Safety (A)

The purpose of a JLMC is to bring workers and management together in a non-adversarial, cooperative effort to promote safety and health in each workplace.


The Pillsbury Free Library has been serving Warner since 1892.

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Parks and Recreation

We love this town as much as you do. We are hoping to make each and every park in town the place you want it to be. Lots of activities and fun for the whole family!

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Planning Board (A)

The Planning Board is responsible for preparing and amending from time to time the Town Master Plan. The Board recommends programs for development of the municipality, makes changes to the Zoning Ordinance, conducts site plan reviews for major developments, reviews and approves subdivisions.

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Police Department

The Warner Police Department officially began after a Town vote on October 4, 1774. Stephen Edmund was voted into office as the Town's constable for a term of one year.

Over the passing years, the Warner Police Department continued to serve the community with part-time officers. In 1990 the Town appointed William Chandler as its first full-time police officer who now serves as Chief of Police.

The Police Department now consists of four full-time officers, one part-time officer and a full-time administrative assistant. The Department possesses and utilizes a full array of modern policing equipment, most of which was obtained through federal and state grants. The agency has three vehicles that are in current use. These vehicles consist of two patrol sedans and an SUV that is utilized during poorer weather conditions and on special assignments.

The Warner Police Department is committed to the concept of community policing. It is the dedication of the Warner Police Department to responsibly address the community's needs and to provide professional services that contribute to the quality of life of its residents.

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Record Preservation Committee

The purpose of the RPC is to ensure correct disposition of Municipal records of the Town of Warner as mandated by RSA 33-A or any other laws and regulations, and to facilitate optimum collection, organization and preservation of these and any additional records deemed desirable to retain for historical or practical purposes.

Warner River Designation Committee (A) - Dissolved

A group of community representatives from five Warner River watershed towns (Warner, Bradford, Sutton, Webster, and Hopkinton), have submitted a detailed nomination document and are currently working on the designation by the NH Legislature of the Warner River into the NH River's Management and Protection Program. On February 5, 2018, the committee sent a notice to the 5 Select Boards and Con Comms that the Nomination Committee has been dissolved.

Warner River Local Advisory Committee (A)

A group of community representatives from the five Warner River riverfront towns (Warner, Bradford, Sutton, Webster, and Hopkinton) that was formed after the Warner River was inducted into the NH Rivers Management and Protection Program as a Designated River in 2018. The group meets monthly to consider and make recommendations on environmental and river issues that could impact the Warner River Corridor (which extends outward 1/4 mile from the high water marks along both river banks).

Warner Village Water District (E)

The Warner Village Water District operates the Water and Sewer Systems. The area served is known as the "Precinct". It encompasses the area within a 1/2 - 1 mile radius from the Village center.

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Welfare Department (A)

To promote, protect and preserve the health and well-being of our community by helping individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency through direct assistance ore referrals to community resources in order to meet basic needs.

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Zoning Board of Adjustment (A)

The Zoning Board, established under the Zoning Ordinance, has the power to make variances or exceptions to the Zoning Ordinance.

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